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June's Full Moon....The Strawberry Moon
Strawberry picking season reaches its peak during this time. 
This is one of the few names that was universal to all Algonquin tribes.
Moon Facts
  • We all know there was a man on the moon, but did you know that there is one who stayed there? Dr. Eugene Shoemaker, a Geological Surveyor, who educated the Apollo mission astronauts about craters, never made it into space himself, but it had always been one of his dreams. He was rejected as an astronaut because of medical problems. After he died, his ashes were placed on board the Lunar Prospector spacecraft on January 6, 1999, which was crashed into a crater on the moon on July 31, 1999. The mission was to discover if there was water on the moon at the time, but it also served to fulfill Dr Shoemaker's last wish.
  • When Neil Armstrong took that first historical step and said "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" it would not have occurred to anyone that the step he took in the dust of the moon was there to stay. It will be there for millions of years because there is no wind on the moon. That is, assuming the downdraft from the Command Module upon take off back into space didn't destroy the print. Buzz Aldrin reportedly saw the American flag, much further away, blow over during launch. Nevertheless, any footprints made by the famous astronauts undisturbed by takeoff are, in fact, there to stay.
  • When Alan Sheppard was on the moon, he hit a golf ball and drove it 2,400 feet, nearly one half a mile.
  • It is possible to have a month without a full moon.
    This occurs in February, but either January or March will have two moons.


    1. Hi Sue .. beautiful photos .. and I love the stories behind June's moon .. pristine land is so precious .. if you step in the desert in Namibia the footprints stay there for centuries .. they try to stick to the same tracks .. we don't really understand our world or its moon do we ..

      Thanks -Hilary

    2. i wish we could of seen it, but we had rain all day yesterday and the clouds hung around. Darn I want to sit on the front porch and watch it.

    3. I like the second picture.

    4. Lovely pictures1 The moon does fascinate me!!!

    5. it was a beautiful full moon; one of God's best!

    6. I didn't know this June moon story.

      That top photo is wonderful!

    7. I am always missing these moon sightings that come around every 100 years or so! But I love watching the moon and stars and I enjoy hearing these great stories. Thanks for sharing.


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