Reflections from CITexas Gal...AtoZ April Challenge

Reflection is the change in direction of a wavefront at an interface between two different media so that the wavefront returns into the media from which it originated...yada yada yada. Mirrors exhibit specular reflection.

I don't know about you, but the Physics definition of Reflection zips right over my head.  However, I do get the 'jest of it' and can apply some of the words to this 'Reflection Post'.

I'll start with 'interface between two different media'.  Back InThe Day writing for me, was a 'StenoPad', #2 pencil, pink pearl eraser, 1965 Edition of Websters, Readers Digest Word Finder, and ultimately an IBM Selectric.  What a machine....especially after Typing I, the manual Remington and 80 wpm with a few mistakes...ok more than a few.  I loved those little interchangeable font balls and the BuiltIn Correcting Tape was 'Magic'....Technology was not a word yet....which brings me full circle to the 'interfacing' of Back InThe Day and Today's Technology.

Without Today's Technology, I would not have been a participant in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge.  Shoot, Ya'll, if not for TT there wouldn't be an AtoZ Challenge...for that matter there wouldn't be such a thing as a Blog.  I'm still in awe of the whole PC Thingie....my concept explained in the post  Computerin' In Texas.

Mirrors exhibit specular reflection.  I mis-read specular the first time through the Physics def as I was thinking in terms of defining and describing how the AtoZ Challenge was for me.  I read it as...Mirrors exhibit spectacular reflection. 

 I'm going with Spectacular. 

Here's my List of Spectacular Interfacing...
~Organization and Implementing through the AtoZ Blogging Challenge Website.  Thanks Arlee, Hosts and Helpers.
~Hosts Post on AtoZ Website before, during and after Challenge.  Tips for successful participation...FAQ's...and Signature html writing.
~DL Hammonds Blog...Crusing Altitude 2.0
~Blogs and Bloggers from my Blog Roll....Al at Father Dragon Writes, Dana at The Daily Dose,  Wendy at Jolliet Etc. , Teresa at Dreamers, Lovers and Star Voyagers, and Jen at We're Living A Full Life.....Thanks Ya'll for your inspiring posts and daily comments.
~Visitors to CollectInTexas Gal....Thanks to everyone who stopped by.  BigHugs and Thanks to those who left comments and became followers.  Ya'll made the month of April very special.
And lastly, Thanks to my Ancestors!
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  1. Ah. I remember well the IBM Selectric and the eraser...so much nicer than the predecessors!

    Glad you made it through the challenge!

  2. Fun post! You dredged up some memories for me. Thanks for participating and, yeah, I'll go with spectacular.

    I'm now a follower of your blog!

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, and I know I certainly did!! Yes, I remember those typewriters!! Love the pink! I think mine was blue! Have a great day!! Sandy

  4. Sandy...I hope you come back to see this comment. I tried to return your visit, but ran into the 'Google+ Goonie' who blocks, delays and finally drops you from the path of reaching your blog.

    It's ONE of the things I regret about signing up for Google+. It's not NICE to Blogger Users, and the only reason I continue is for the Unlimited Photo Useage.

    It is also the main reason I am an advocate of the AtoZ Blogging Basic Tip...Creating a Hyperlink Signature...and posting it at the end of every comment.

    The HowTo Link is posted on my Sidebar. Posted at the end of a comment...it looks like this:

    Sue CollectInTexasGal

  5. You've just got to enjoy how your sense of fun comes through on your posts.

    I discovered you before this challenge and what a delight to have you as a fellow participant.

    Cheers from an AtoZ cohort ~


  6. My dragon goodness! I still remember those typewriters! I learned to type on one of those, hahaha. Dragon size of course. And here I thought they were like the greatest piece of technology.
    Thanks for the special mention. It was a real pleasure to meet you and learn about this fantastic art you do that's quilt. And to learn about you and your friends too. I'm still amazed how close to your roots you are. :)

  7. Anonymous5/03/2013

    Thanks for your generous and energetic post. I can't believe that you're still being so creative so soon after the full-on month of blogging. I was exhausted (and swamped with a backlog of neglected work), but now am in withdrawal mode and missing the Challenge.
    Love your reflections on the technology that makes blogging possible. I think it's easy to forget how recent all this is and what a dramatic change it represents. Thanks too for your links to your favorite blogs, suggestions for good comments, and instructions on making a Hyperlink Signature.

  8. I am digging that pink typewriter :)

  9. Hi Sue .. learning to type was a pain - ie not being intelligent enough to go to College or University, meant secretarial college - but I've been blessed ever since once the internet came on line! So old fashioned typing .. I'm so pleased technology came along to help.

    I agree with you - generic comments are ridiculous .. irritate me beyond words!!

    I forgot to add in my notes - re having an email up - some connection other than via FB or TW - don't do those yet either ..

    Sorry - I'm one of the non-able to get myself organised to get a signature link up .. I've got 11 months haven't I .. should make it by next year - I hope before that!!

    Cheers and great meeting up with you - Hilary

  10. Awwwwww...that is so kind of you to include me in your reflections. Thank you!!! I really wish I could have stopped by more during the challenge because your comments on my blog were always a "hoot" and vibrant! I couldn't even reflect this year because I visited so few blogs...especially the last two weeks.

    I am so happy the Challenge really meant something to you! :)

  11. Memories ... typing class ... ugh!
    Great write, sweet lady.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  12. Oh my gosh, you are so right, we do have tons in common! I'm your newest follower, and dang, do I miss those Selectrics!

    Thanks so much for finding me.

    Kathy M.

  13. Gosh, I may still have that blue typewriter somewhere here!mWHat a sweet deal those were, no need to worry about viruses and hackers! Ah the good ole days!

  14. Hi Sue

    It's been awhile since I've been by and I can see just how busy you've been while I was catching up. I never took typing and so I hunt and peck while looking at the keys:) Now kids call it keyboarding and they get it in grade school.

    Enjoy your weekend sweet friend!

  15. Aw, thanks for the shout-out, Sue!

    I remember typing class. It was required when I was in junior high. I loved it!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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