Colonial Americans John and Mary Rowe Pittman

Colonial life in America was very difficult for settlers who came to escape poverty, persecution, and to gain religious freedom.  My 5xGreat Grandparents John and Mary Rowe Pittman were first generation born Americans and were raised in one of the 'Original 13 Colonies', Virginia.  By the time they married in 1747, settlements throughout the 13 Colonies had evolved to small cities and towns.  Life in colonial America centered on the Family and large families were common and necessary.
John and Mary's story as the first of my Ancestors in Georgia, begins with 
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Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors.


  1. Hi Sue! You are one amazing lady with all your history fascinating me when I stop by! I am always thrilled ot hear these stories. What those folks went thru is something to certainly reflect on, I hope your weekend is wonderful.

  2. Hi Sue .. it's interesting how quickly people spread out ... and I love that you can track your relatives.

    Cheers and must make your life interesting to pick up these journeys .. Hilary


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