Friday Faces...First Dunked and Dyed Ancestors

'Through it all, Lucy Eunice, the future Mrs. John Ichabod Pittman, made a complete turnaround from buckskin to bonnets and the only lasting influence from the Mohawk days was the Name she called her children, their children, and their childrens children.'
If you read that post on Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors, you know that 'Heathen' is the name my 4xGreat Grandmother retained from her months of living with the Mohawks. 

It's a wonder that I am here at all.  Just think, if Lucy's mother Martha, had not had the good sense to threaten her husband Daniel with...
"I'm leaving, Daniel. You can stay or go, but know this...if you stay, your heathen kids are staying with you."
...why I might have been born with a head full of black hair standing straight out from my scalp....hmmmm!!!  The other scenerio of my impending existence and Lucy's hooking up with John Ichabod, hung on the Baptismal Dunking in a backwoods creek.  Like I said, it's a wonder I'm here at all!

Fortunately for me, that Baptismal Dunking brought together Two Ancestor Families who for generations took to the dunking like ducks in a pond.  You see, Lucy and John Ichabod's Daddys were the FIRST Dyed In The Wool and Dunked Southern Baptist in our family.  Their history has been well documented in all kinds of Georgia Baptist History books and Genealogy Resources, and of course I'm obliged to share and further document these Two 5xGreat Grandfathers on Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors.

You too, are welcome to read my research and documentation.  I will say, though, that because my Aunt Savannah insisted on it being written with the utmost respect and regard for the Facts, Religion and Family Histories, there are no 'SueFictionFootnotes'.  

I respectfully submit the following Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors Posts
 with deep regard for the facts and appreciation of my
Ancestors Religous and Genealogical History.
You are also invited to view the
Newly Made Over


  1. how wonderful! I wish my family kept better track! Grace xoox

  2. I love doing ancestor work and have found a lot of interesting things. Two years ago I got the privilege to see my great grandpa's house in Denmark. My next place is to England (want too) and see my grandparents town of living. I love your blog, good job, and thanks for commenting on mine. your A to Z theme was neat.

  3. Wow! Your mind is always busy, busy, busy, Sue!

  4. I enjoy these posts. :) Yes, it's amazing to think how one different decision could have changed our lives so much!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Good morning Sue, I did a quilt post that you might enjoy. believe me this post only covers a few of the many beautiful quilts that were aired last Saturday.

    As always I love reading about your family history. I caught up quite a bit today. Time for visiting is allowing me to sit back and have fun visiting my dear blog friends. A rare moment and I am loving it!!!
    xo, Jeanne

  6. That is one cute baby picture!! :)

  7. That sweet baby picture is you right? I wasn't sure without the pink hair lol!

  8. You come from a line of strong-willed women!


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