What I Make With 2017 Leftovers

These are my leftovers...a very small selection of them.  I worked very hard to use them up in 2017, but I can hardly tell that I made a dent in them. 
Thank goodness they aren't Turkey leftovers...I could never throw them out.....
....however, they are useful for warming leftover Turkey and Dressing...Bowl Cozie.  Then there is the leftover Giblet Gravy...great on a Baked Potato, and the Baked Potato Bag?   OMgoodness...best baked potato ever. 
 Look what my Vintage Leftover Fabrics have become....Ditty Bags.  Although they are not for use in the Microwave, they could be used as a lunch bag for a left over Turkey Sandwich...sealed in a zip lock baggie, of course.  I'm going to use mine for small needlework projects....except for the ones that will go to Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio 14.
It's back to work for me!  I have more leftovers to Microwave sew up.
What have you made with your Leftovers from 2017?


Joanne said...

my leftovers are tossed. Well, not the cookies - but now eating only one at a time, not ten!

Sue McPeak said...

LOL...I stopped with the chocolates...when they were all gone. Now I'm on a chocolate free diet.

Annesphamily said...

Sue you are so darn clever! While so many people worry about downsizing, ugh, I dislike that word intensely! :-( I am a recycle queen. My daughter has me check on her dog a few times a day, we live two doors away from each other! They always know when I have gone through their trash in the kitchen hahaha! I can't stand to see perfectly good items tossed in the trash. But I don't have that crafty heart like you! You are a terrific role model! Too much throw away stuff in our society today. I don't like it. I Like more Sue's in my world!

Sue McPeak said...

You go Recycle Queen! Such an important thing to do for our planet. We are big recycle people, too. It's been easier since our city started a recycle center and now have bins for recycle items. I am a Downsizing Recycler...can't bear to throw away stuff that someone else can use or I can repurpose. Thanks for stopping by.


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