Practical Paradise Bucket List

I have a short Bucket List.  For one thing, I pretty much get on with most things I would put on a bucket list.  And, for another thing, I'm practical.  No skydiving or climbing Mt. Everest, and for sure no African Safari's for me...I'm good with watching 'The Lion King'. 

Having a 'Practical Bucket List' keeps me grounded because we all know how my 'OverDoSueness' has a way of getting out of hand.  For instance...could I just get the spinning wheel without having to build a barn for raising sheep to shear wool which has to be cleaned, carded, made into roving and of course dyed, spun, ply'd, nitty noddy'd, and I don't know what else cause I'm a newbie spinner with 2 lessons under my belt. ??!!  Answer....Of course I can! 
Like I said, I'm practical and there's no space in my back yard for raising sheep.  That eliminates all that goes with getting it from sheep to shop.  And I've already done my homework on 'Shops' that carry roving already dyed and even ply'd and nitty noddy'd.  Although, from what I learned in lesson 2 the plying is going to be one of my 'OverDoSue' Fun and Funky things.  As for the 'Nitty Noddy'...it's a tool I think I can make.  So there ya go.  It's settled...I CAN just get a spinning wheel!
Ordered it this morning. 
I'm in Practical Paradise Bucket List Heaven!

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