Studio Sign...Got Er Done...After Rose Smelling

Sometimes I have to just STOP all the OverDoSue-ness and literally 'Smell the Roses'.  Aren't they beautiful?  Thank-you Polina!  After a good long spell of smelling....I forced myself to venture into a disaster area....'Garage Sewing Storage'.  No BEFORE pictures....it was too embarrassing for one who claims to be an 'Over Organizer' and Neat-Nic!  At one time the Disaster Area was my Sewing Studio...and I'm happy to show you an organized view from 2012....
...those were the days of 'Quilt-a-Lottie' (Longarm Quilting Machine), cold winters and hot summers.

The Re-organized Garage Sewing Storage/Former Sewing Studio. 
You know how one thing leads to another? 
What I really went out to there to do was to 'Repair Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio' SIGN.
Got Er Done!
Now back to Smelling the Roses!

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