Vintage Linens, Doilies and Laces...On 4R's Bucket List

Am I the only Vintage Linen-Doily-Lace Collector in this day of Microfiber Home Goods?  I know the answer without taking a poll...NO! 

I know this because Vintage Linen-Doily-Lace lovers come in my shop and say things like, "Oh, I have my grandmothers crocheted Pineapple Table Cloth...somewhere!  I should get it out of the cedar chest or plastic bag it's been stored in for years."

To that I say, "Yes, you should".

The next thing they say, "I don't want it to get ruined by using it."  To that I say, "You don't have to USE it as it was once used, and if you DON'T get it out of the cedar chest or plastic bag it will be ruined over time by the chemicals emitted by cedar and plastic."

"WHAT!!!  I didn't know that", they say.
So, I begin my talk on storing vintage linens. "Wooden drawers, chests, trunks or closets leach acids from the wood fibers that stain your linens.  Most plastics are even worse." {check out the Martha Stewart link for safe plastic tip}.

To safely store any linen item, new or old, line drawers with acid free paper or cotton cloth.  Or, wrap your linens in a cotton cloth or in a cotton pillow case.  This is especially important for quilts, too.  Try to lay pieces flat, but if folding is necessary pad with acid free tissue or strips of unbleached muslin to avoid permanent creasing.  There are numerous websites with information on storing vintage linens.  Here are a few:  WikiHow   Smithsonian   Martha Stewart

I often hear, "What do I do with them if they have stains, tears or other issues."  This is my favorite question to answer, and I do that by showing them my '4R's' pillows, ditty bags, jackets and more.  Once again, I am not the only Vintage Linen-Doily-Lace collector to do so.  However, I may be one of the few shop keepers in town who does, and who has some of their collection for sale.  Here are a few links to ideas on how to repurpose, etc. vintage linens...Sewing With Vintage Linens,  Sweet Vintage Linens, Pinterest.
Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio is currently featuring my Collections of Vintage Linens, Laces, Doilies and items I have made from them.  And...most of them are for SALE.
Afterall, I do have a '4R's Bucket List' to fill. 

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