June First...Harvest or June...First Harvest

 Which ever way I emphasize or punctuate the title of this post...BOTH are true and correct.  The only issue I have with 'June First...Harvest' is that I didn't get it posted on June First.
'June...First Harvest' is due to the unordinary amount of rainfall we had in the month of May.  Fortunately for our area...West Central Texas...the rain has filled our depleted lakes, ground water aquifers, and rain barrels with minimal flooding.  As you can see my Squash Guardian has a big smile on his not so scary face, and so do I for this early harvest of crookneck squash.

What a 'Glorious Morning'...or...'Morning Glorious'!
You decide...either way works for me!


  1. Either way, Sue, it all looks Glorious! Harvesting on the 1st of June sounds amazing.

  2. glorious harvest June 1st or any other day. And we are still having rain. I'm just afraid that when the spigot shuts off it will be for far too long. Enjoy those veggies and flowers!

  3. Record setting rains! Woohoo! Should be a great garden this year! Now if only Twin Buttes would fill up. I remember skiing the channel between the pools. (I also remember driving across the channel, when it was dry).

  4. Squash, yum. How do you like them best, fried? Cooked down with butter and onion? Have you seen the prices in the stores this year?! You have a gold mine there!
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  5. I'm so glad that your garden is doing great in spite of all this rain. We've had two floods since late April and, last I looked at the gauge, the river wasn't too far below flood stage. Thankfully, though, it appears to be going down. But, we keep getting rain.

    I'm not sure that our tomatoes can take much more of this. There's not even one blossom on them yet.

    Have a blessed day!


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