So Much For Keeping It Simple

The hardest thing about an 'Ending' is knowing where to 'Start'.  That's where I am now that I don't have a work schedule to follow.  It's where I am when I walk into my studio where I have organized and re-stocked my stashes of fabric, yarn, notions, lace, trims, buttons and all of the frenzied liquidation shopping stuff.

So much for my 'Stash Busting' proclamations of Use It or Lose, Sue...and just when I was making headway in that regard.  So much for the '4R's Bucket List'...you know the one where last year I swore on my stack of Bible Fabrics to 'Re-Use, Re-cycle, Re-New and Re-Sell'.  You'll notice that not one of those Re's had a thing to do with Re-Stocking!

Anyway, it's over, and I have a plan for the winding down process...yes, I do. 
I plan to keep it simple. 

That's why I chose the 'Simple Crochet Shawl' pattern.....

.....and the Bridal Shawl pattern...times 2....

....and the Re-reads of Game of Thrones while watching Season 6. 
Afterall, the Tower of Joy theories have to be boned up on if I am to intelligently discuss medieval castles, crypts, creeps, shape changers, dragons, and a bunch of messed up Family Trees.  Then there is learning a bit of Dothraki. 
So much for keeping it simple, huh?


  1. Well......we each have our own definition of keeping it simple! Good luck with those projects. I'd need a good supply of DVDs of British Costume Dramas to help me along!

  2. tough to wind down, but that just means instead of doing twenty things you can be down to ten. Key in TX is to stay cool. Good luck and it's okay to have re-stocked. You 'saved" money!

  3. I did my stash reorg and it is sooo much better now that I can see all the material that I have. I even got rid of a few fabrics that were uglies.
    What else does one do in this 100+ degree heat? Make quilt squares, of course!

  4. Game of Thrones crocheting. Hmmm.... Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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