Old Lace and Ancestors

The bride looked very pretty in a gown of white messaline silk, trimmed in Venician lace.
That is how my grandmother's wedding dress was described in the newspaper announcement.  The wedding took place on September 10, 1913...103 years ago.  Fortunately for me, as the 'Family Historian and Scrapbooker, the clipping and wedding photo survived and has become a Family Heirloom.  What I wouldn't give for a scrap of her Venician wedding dress lace.
What I do have is a collection of antique lace...some of it possibly 103 years old.  As you might guess, it is somewhat fragile, but amazingly intact and beautifully aged.  Perfect for embellishing the scrapbook pages that represent a bygone era of our family, and the photos of my grandmother and her sisters.
Old Lace and Ancestors...Great Grandparents Wedding Photo...1878.


  1. I do love a bit of lace. Amazing how well preserved it is.

  2. I have to thank you for this post, Sue! While I know all about searching old newspapers for various records, checking a newspaper for my husband's great-grandparents wedding announcement never even crossed my mind. I have a picture of them in their wedding attire. Now, I have to try to figure out where they got married and see if that little Texas town had a newspaper or was anywhere near a town that might have announced their hitchin'. Thank you!

    Have a blessed day!

  3. This is somewhat off topic but - we have my mother in law's wedding gown. She saved it for her daughter, who is in her 50's now and never married (and doesn't want the gown). I truly don't know what to do with it as my mother in law downsized and gave it to us for safekeeping. It's good to see others who find their family histories important.

  4. lovely lace and quite the photos. Vintage treasures, indeed

  5. How incredible that you have those treasures! My son & his wife married on Sept. 10th!
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead


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