Clover's Clever YoYo Maker

Not so long ago I stated I never wanted to make a YoYo quilt due to what a pain it is to cut out a kabillion circles, turn down an 1/8th of an inch edge, do a running stitch all around and finally...draw up the stitches to form the YoYo.

I still don't want to make a YoYo quilt, but I do want to make YoYo Flowers.  Especially since discovering Clover's Clever YoYo Maker.
Who knew making YoYo flowers would be so Easy Peasey!
Really...they are easy with the 2 piece plastic template/form which snaps together to hold the fabric in place.  I've been using my 1930's reproduction fabric scraps as well as small print scraps.  There are several options for making the center...#1 a stitched circle that pushes up through the center...or...#2 a button.  Since I have lots and lots of buttons...that's the option I've done the most of, so far.
This is my new 'Sit and Stitch' handwork while watching TV.  As you can see, Clover suggests using the flowers for making corsages, table runners, bags and so on.  I plan on using them on bags for sure, and my 'OverDoSue-ness' has kicked in with some ideas that will require making a Round YoYo.  Do you think Clover was clever enough to make a Round YoYo Maker? 
Of course they were!!! 

I've ordered the Round Extra Large AND the Butterfly YoYo Makers!
Like I said....OverDoSue-ness has kicked in!!!


  1. Hi Sue...l totally hear you about making a yoyo quilt...l actually did make one once and it took FOREVER!! This looks so much easier and more fun and the result is so much prettier..Thanks for sharing l think l'll head on over to amazon and find me one of those kajiggers:-)

  2. Very clever! I can't imagine the work involved in doing all of this the old way!

  3. Very cute! Great way to use up scraps! LOL on the OverdoSue! I feel that way about my scrapbooking!

  4. They are precious! Would make cute hairbows as well.
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  5. Hi Sue - those look fun ... and clever - cheers Hilary

  6. Now those flowers are cute. They really will made the perfect adornment for your bags and table runners too.

  7. lovely flowers that won't wilt. A winner! Happy Monday

  8. I think the button flower centers are a great idea! I like the idea but am not sure how to incorporate them into my creations right now.

  9. How cool! I really like your flower yo-yos. I've never seen that kind before. :)

    Have a blessed day!

  10. This is just perfect for a quilter with leftover material or a button collector. This really hit your sweet spot, didn't it? Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  11. I did consider trying to make a yo-yo quilt for my doll's bed. There was a lady on eBay who sold all the little circles cut out, but I guess I waited too long and now she must be gone. Oh well, it would have been one more incomplete project. I have a closet full of them. Your flowers turned out cute!


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