Joy of A February Shawl

I am Re-Hooked on Crochet.  For many years, it was my Yarn Needlework of Choice.  Then I moved on to Knitting.  Then on to Needlepoint.  Then to Embroidery...and on and on.  The 'Pick one and Stick to It' mantra has never been in my phrase vocabulary.  However, I'm finding that the phrase "You always go back to your roots", applies to me not just as a Family Historian, but also as a Needleworker, as I have returned to my 'First Hooked On' craft of crochet this winter.
Back in the Fall of last year, I vowed to 'Use What I Had' in my yarn stash.  Believe it or not, I have 'Stuck to It', and have purchased only yarn to augment a 'Stashed Yarn Project'.  Except....ooops....a couple of 'Ribbon Yarn' skeins for special scarves at Christmas. 
Why Re-Hooked on Crochet?  I can answer that with two words....FASTER and FINISH!  Since last September, I have FINISHED at least 20 Scarves, 6 Shawls and crochet edged 6 more knitted projects.  Started and Finished 4 or 5 bags and seriously lowered the count of yarn skeins in my Stash. 
Yep, Crochet is the Way...at least for now!
Oh...the Joy of starting another Shawl...from the Stash!


  1. I'd have to say crochet is my craft of choice, too. I always love to crochet in January! I've made 2 1/2 afghans and one scarf. Enjoy your weekend! Twyla

  2. The colours you're working with are lovely. They be worked in winter, but they will be perfect for a blustery spring day.

  3. I'm lovin' that purple yarn! Aloha!

  4. sigh, you're makin' me feel like a real sloth here you've gotten so much done ! I keep promising myself I will "use up" too but darn if I can stick to it.
    Love seeing what you have accomplished ...

  5. I love the colors!

  6. Such beautiful colors here...it's going to be stunning! :)


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