Matrilineal Monday...Born Under a Crescent Moon

My first thought when discovering Great Great Grand Aunt Selina Ann was, "What a beautiful and unusual name...I wonder who she was named after."  To her Matrilineal Family Trees I went....for I knew Selina was not a familiar name in her Paternal line.  After tracing back through generations of female names I found not one Selina. 
According to the history of female names, Selina is a common given name of Greek origin meaning 'moon'.  It can be spelled Selene, Celina and Selena...which gives rise to the more often than not misspelling of names by enumerators of early Census Records.   Selina Ann, sister of my 2xGreat Grandfather Rene Marion, was born on January 13, 1815 when the 'Moons Phase' was but a cresent sliver.  That pretty much puts to rest the notion that my 3xgreat grandparents were up on their Greek philosophy and stepped out on the porch the night Selina was born and decided to name her after a cresent moon. 
Fulfilling Selina's wish to be remembered by 'name' was easy compared to the telling of 'my days and my strife', for as 'Matrilineal Lines' often are...her's was short on documents and short lived.  
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Selina and I were born 132 years and 7 days apart under the same sliver of a crescent moon.
We are Matrilineal Crescent Moon Beams!

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  1. I've never thought to check on the moon or sun or rain or any other conditions on the day of someone's birth, but that might be interesting.

    I recall my parents had some friends with a daughter named Selena. It's so weird to read your post today because I started wondering about this girl last week when I happened to drive by their old neighborhood.


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