A Post of P~Interest

Have you noticed this New Pinterest Widget on my Left Sidebar?
It is one of Pinterest's latest ways to promote and share your 'Pins' on your Blog or Website.
Here is how to find the 'Code' on your Pinterest Profile...
As you can see on mine...I'm still into Crocheted Shawls.
If you see one of my Crocheted Shawl Pins that you like,
you can click on the Pinterest Picture and it will link you to it on Pinterest
and the Pattern and or Origin of Pin.
I can hardly wait to check out this Shawl pattern.
I'm Particularly P~interested in the Edgings!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Clever! I have yet to figure out whether my blog is pin-worthy. Pinterest and your crafts are a perfect match.


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