Treasure Chest Thursday....Faithful Forever More

What a blessing my Grandmother Minnie must have been to her Sunday School Class and Bible Study Group.   Her devotion to Sunday School was rewarded not only in Heaven, but here on earth with the 'Crown and Cross' pin...a tangible symbol of twenty years of faith and devotion. 

The pin, the framed miniature 'Lords Supper' and Minnie's Bible are Family Heirlooms passed from Mother to Daughter.  First treasured and saved by Minnie's daughter Thelma, and now by Thelma's daughters...my sisters and me.

With these treasures comes a treasured Sunday Church story memory for me.  It was an Easter Sunday, 1950 something, and I was sitting beside Minnie, head bowed as the Offering Prayer was given.  

As 'The Plate' was being passed, Minnie pulled her hanky from her wrist where it was tucked around her narrow stretchy watch band.  From one corner of the hanky, she untied a knot and out came a small stack of coins.  She handed me a dime and a few pennies. 

The Plate was passed over me to Minnie and together we dropped our 'Hanky Savings' in the Easter Sunday Offering Plate. 

Forever more, my grandmother's knotted hanky offering comes to mind as 'The Offering Plate' is passed.  Her hanky collection still holds one hanky with a 'Knotted Coin Corner'.
Bible Study Ladies in 1957
Minnie in center with Bible tucked under her arm...
....knotted hanky tucked in her watch band....
Faithful Forever More!

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