Scrapbooking and Crochet...Perfect Cold Day Projects

It is cold in Texas today.  It was cold yesterday and last night, as well....the perfect time for Fireside Crocheting.  I am enjoying crocheting this Shawl pattern called Sea Shell Wrap.  So much so, that I have TWO going at the same time.  I work on one for awhile and then the other...which is shades of purple.  One of the things I like about this pattern it is easy to alter.  Yep, I will follow a pattern only so far and for so long before I have to 'Do My Own Thing'.  It's called 'creative license'...I have lots of them.  Without them, there would be more UFO's and WIP's waiting in the wings.

Cold days in Texas are perfect for Scrapbooking, too! 
 So, I'll share a couple of pages from 'The 1940's Scrapbook Restoration' with you. 
How amazing is it to have this original large Class of 1943 photo?  I'd say it is a rare piece of memorabilia along with the photo of the High School building.  Both of these pieces were loose in the original 1940's Album as they did not fit the pages...another amazement of their 73 year survival, and one of the reasons I chose to restore/redo with 12x12 pages.
You will notice the original attempt to hold the photo in place with scotch tape which over time turned yellow, ridged and impossible to remove....Arrow #1. 
 I DO NOT remove it...I use an exacto knife to trim it even with the outer edges and then hide as much as possible when mounting on the new background paper.   Using the exacto knife, cut  the background paper in a shape...ie top corners...to cover the tape and at the same time anchor the photo to the page.   
 I try NOT to permanently set photos or documents to the background paper.
In the next Restoration post, I will 'Show and Tell' how to digitally remove the tape to restore the photo to it's pre-scotched yet vintage/aged look....Arrow #2.
Stay Warm, Ya'll !!!
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1940's Scrapbook Restoration

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  1. I'm late again (as usual) but, it's cold there again. Frigid here, so, enjoy your 'teens' weather and stay warm.


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