I Love Lucy....Eunice...All Twelve or So

The First Lucy Eunice was my 4xGreat Grandmother.
As the daughter of a man whose ardent temperament and zealous Christian beliefs led him to a real 'Calling of the Wild..erness', Lucy's early years were far from the normal Colonial Young Lady upbringing. 

It is said that her father caught 'The Glowing Spirit' of the approaching 'Millenial Glory', abandoned everything and everyone except his wife and three young children and rushed right up to the Susquehanna and pitched his WigWam among the Mohawks.  Poor Martha his wife, went from the bosom of civilized society and all the comforts of life to a wilderness where your next meal was covered in fur, your neighbors were nearly naked, and her children's lessons went from books to bows and arrows.

 Apparently, the Reverend Marshall had some success in converting the Mohawk savages into receiving the Gospel.  However, after about eighteen months, Martha was fed up with WigWam housekeeping, her heathen children, clothes shopping at the tanning poles, and washing Daniels 'breachcloth' in the stream.  Then there was the all out WAR between the savage tribes.

 "I'm leaving, Daniel.   You can stay or go, but know this...if you stay, your heathen kids are staying with you."

Next thing we know, Daniel, Martha and their tribe are in the back woods of Virginia with a different outlook on religion.  It wasn't long before they were both immersed in the Baptist scriptures and in the creek. Through it all, Lucy Eunice, the future Mrs. John Ichabod Pittman and my 4x Great Grandmother made a complete turnaround from buckskin to bonnets to become 'The Matriarch' of the Second Generation of Pittmans in Georgia.  So beloved by her children and grandchildren that at least one of her names...Lucy, Eunice or Marshall...was bestowed on many of her descendants.

By the time Matriarch Lucy had her one and only daughter after seven sons, there were over ten grandchildren named after her.  Without hesitation, Lucy Eunice the first, passed her remarkable name to her daughter born around 1800. 
How would Lucy Eunice the Second live up to the 'Lucy Legacy'?
Her story is told on Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors

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