The Vast Violet Veranda

My Aunt Beatrice grew violets.  So many violets that her Northeast Texas front porch was a Vast Violet Veranda.  One summer while visiting her, I decided I wanted to be a Violet Grower, too. 

Before I get into  'Growing Violets in Cactus Country', let me tell you about Ruth Beatrice.  She was my Daddy's second sister, and the aunt I knew best.  Daddy called her Bea, so we all did, too.  The only person I ever heard call her Beatrice was her husband, Red. 

Yep, Red and Bea were quite a couple,  and visiting them was like a trip to 'Keepers Paradise'.  Like her sister, my Aunt Irene who you met in the previous post, Bea kept EVERYTHING.

 She even offered to keep forever my Second Sibling Sister.  You see Bea and Red were childless and so wanted a child...obviously any kid would do...even one as mouthy as my Second SibSister.

 I voted Yay...Mom and Dad said Nay, but let her stay a couple of weeks with them that summer.  Best I remember, Aunt Bea was mighty glad for her to remain my SecSibSister ....instead becoming my SibSisCousin. 

Something about...with the 'mouthpiece' around there wasn't any need to turn on the radio, and getting a word in edgewise was like having a conversation with the six o'clock news caster.

Second SibSister retired a fews years ago from a national network news station to become an auctioneer.  Just kidding, ya'll.  She really did get a degree in Speech Commmunication, though!!!

Now about Violets. 
Aunt Bea selected a nice group of violets for me and, I carefully dragged the
Violet Starter Stash from Violet Country East Texas back to Cactus Country West Texas. 
 I soon had Violets in every appropriate light spot; read every 'How To Grow Violets' book;
 bought Violet Pots, Violet Potting Soil, Violet Food, and More Violets!
Who knew one could grow Violets in Cactus Country! 
 However, my Violets did Shrink over time and after a couple of moves
 I became a
Shrinking Violet Shirker
 and gave up on my dream of having a
 Vast Violet Veranda.


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying catching up on your blog. I guess I had not realized how much you enjoy glass... like I do! So fun!! I collect Fostoria American.. when the price is right.
    Hope your mother is better now. I've only blogged off and on this summer. So much going on and I just have not felt the inspiration. But a lovely Sunday afternoon and reading your blog is so nice. I am really into genealogy as well. In fact, that is one big reason why I have not had time to blog. I was in charge of my husband's family reunion, plus the family history, plus the family tree! It's taken me all week to recuperate. I managed it all.. complete with laryngitis!
    Take care..
    Ladybug Creek

  2. Ha ha ha! Does your sister read your blog? That's funny!

  3. Isn't it fun telling and hearing stories about our family characters. I bet Aunt Bea and Red were quite a colorful couple.
    When I was little I wouldn't have minded giving away both of my sisters! LOL!


  4. I enjoyed another of your family stories! Eventhough your violets may shrink, you don't!

    Hope you will please drop by and enter my $50 Overstock.com Gift Card Giveaway!!

  5. I plant stuff and if it lives it gets to stay. I water them, hubby sometimes fertilizes them with Miracle Grow. One potted yelloow Lantana is 10 ft across by 4 feet. I kid you not. And it's in a pot. So, it can stay. It's too hot for some flowersa here. So if it manages to live ...it can stay. Never grown violets. Have one orchid that seems to be doing good.

    Love the stories about your family.~Ames

  6. very nice story! Thank you!
    And i love those old pictures!!!

    Thanks Leontien

  7. I also had a childless aunt who was quite a character. I wished and wished I could go and live with her and be an only child! (I was oldest of four!)

  8. So glad I found your blog! Love all the pics and information about the family and the great violet foray! I'm adding myself as your newest follower. Hope you come by and see me sometime.

  9. Anonymous7/26/2011

    Love it!!! You are a Poet tooooooooo! Red and Bea were WONDERFUL! Remember the incredible gardens...definitely had a green thumb.

  10. You weave a wonderful story here! Love the photos too! Love Anne

  11. Beth Robinson9/07/2011

    Loved the story. My mom's sister was named Beatrice and she grew violets. We called her Aunt Beatty and my sons called her Aunt BB. We loved our Aunt BB and all her violets.


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