Me and Lovey...Balancing Life

Just when you think things are 'Going Along Great' and life is 'Steady Eddie'.....
...something happens to 'Throw Ya Off Balance'
Ya make adjustments to get back on track.
Ya may even slip and slide a bit before regaining your balance...
But in the end Ya 'Get Your Tailfeathers Straight' and get back to 'Struttin' Your Stuff'!!!!

Hello Bloggin' Friends....One thing I can count on staying 'Steady Eddie' is you and Lovey!   

Last time I posted  here on CollectIn Texas Gal, I thought Lovey and I were Walkin' the Fence and Struttin' Our Stuff in perfect harmony! 

Then Bam!!!  My Family Birdies In Need  needed me again!  So off I flew to do what I could do!

Anywhoo!  I'm back!  Sure is good to be back, too!  I've missed Ya'll.

See Ya Soon,


  1. We missed you too - I hope all is well and that you have your feathers all aligned in the right direction.

  2. Hey Sue! Cool pics, hope all is well:@)

  3. I missed you! Glad your back and I hope everything has settled down.

  4. Welcome back Sue! I sure hope all is well with the family!~Ames

  5. Missed you too! I know how it is for the family to need you! It's been a wild Spring/Summer for me also. Hopefully things are calming down now. Oh wait, my oldest is moving all the way across the country from me... :(

  6. Sue,
    Have missed you and your visits. Hope all is well and back on track. Your photography is breathtaking.


  7. Lovey must really like you! She's a good model! I hope everything is okay, Sue.

  8. We've missed you too Sue! I'm glad that you are getting back on track and I hope all is well.


  9. Those pictures were AWESOME - what kind of camera do you have???

  10. Welcome back! You and that camera are really taking some incredible shots. ~ Sarah

  11. Well I left a post yesterday. Wonder where it went. Again I say welcome back. Your photos are simply wonderful. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  12. Anonymous7/26/2011

    Life is a balancing act! Love the pictures sooooo much!



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