Dorothy The Weaving Wizzard

In case you have forgotten or didn't know, Dorothy is my LeClerc Table Loom.  She was so named by her maker in Canada and is made of maple wood...of course.  She has been my go to weaving gal since August of last year, and together we have been fairly productive.  Mainly making strips from scrap yarn and fabric...like this one. 
 So, what do I do with a six yard strip?
Cut it up...of course! 
Naturally, I stabilize the weaving before cutting with a zigzag stitch on the waste strips between each section.  This six yard strip yielded 10 sections.  What's next?
A Bird Bag!
One done and nine to go.
Speaking of Birds...Meet Sparrow!
     My Old/New to me LeClerec Floor Loom!  She too was made in Canada, of maple and named Nilus.  She came to Texas sometime in the late 1950's or early 1960's, and made her way to Studio #14 from first owner, several second and third owners and finally to my artist friend Beverly.  This maple beauty was stored in several different barns, and finally moved to a garage of my longtime friend and artist Beverly.  Beverly is a painter, not a weaver and offered the loom to me. 
     I have spent the last week cleaning and refurbishing the beautiful maple wood, removing years of corrosion on the metal parts and putting it back together to make ready for warping and weaving.  This week I will finish warping and hopefully begin my first weaving of a rag rug.
     I renamed her 'Sparrow' for the symbolism of a sparrow's diligence as a weaver of nests and for their spirit of joy in being productive. 
Neat, huh...I'm a weaver, a nest builder and find joy in being productive.


  1. I always want to try to weave on a loom.
    Coffee is on

  2. looks like a lovely piece for you to use. If it were in my house, it would become a clothes hanger - ha! - right next to the treadmill.
    Cool history and glad it's keeping you busy - very nice!

  3. Looms in 2 different sizes. Twice the possibilities! Have fun with both.


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