52 Ancestors Challenge...Week 1...I Was FIRST

Back to Family Trees in 2019 with '52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks' Challenge.
Week 1 Prompt ~ FIRST

Although this Challenge is titled Ancestors, it is suggested that I too will someday be an ancestor.  With that in mind, I will add myself to Tracks of My Texas Ancestors, and when the 'Prompt' fits...as does this weeks FIRST...I will write about myself.  Who knows, maybe someday a descendant or descendant relative will 'Google' me.

There are advantages to being First Born. 
First and foremost...You are Forever your Siblings Boss. 

It is written...somewhere...that as the First Born, you are 'The Boss'.  My Siblings know and understand this Decree of Birth Order!

So, from day one of each of my siblings birth until this day and all days to come it is understood that I was FIRST.

I would have been a very good Only Child.
However, One Year, Two months and Six days after My Birth, Number Two was born.  I got a Brother!
Because of him I became a 'Sister' on March 6, 1948. There was plenty of room in the Buggy for us both, but I'm sure I did not Share The Bear.   

Right from the get go, I didn't much like him.

Because of him, MY milk source changed.
Because of him, I became a 'Bottle Snatcher'.
Because of him, I got a Potty Chair and Big Girl Panty's.
Because of him, I did not have MY Mama's undivided attention
 I learned to say 'Potty and Poop'. 
 Because of him, I have always had a 'Protector' and a 'Hero'!


  1. I was an only child for 8 years. When I became Sister and Boss, I earned that right. I was a second momma.

  2. I was an only child that wasn't afraid to rock the boat.
    And also the world didn't revolved around me.
    My hubby is oldest of six.
    Coffee is on

  3. As the first born, you also have LOTS more baby and toddler photos than your siblings. Parents seem to forget to take pictures of the 2nd born.

  4. Love your 54 ancestors challenge!


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