Clutter Dance and Being A Pirouette Purger

I dance around the subject of 'Clutter' about this time every year.  I guess it's a New Year thingy...out with the old and in with the new.

Somehow, that doesn't work with a 'Clutter-A-Holic' who really likes the stuff collected over the past year which has been added to stuff from...let's just say...several years before that didn't make the New Year 'De-Cluttering Dance'.

In my defense, I did quite a nice pirouette in a collection of beads and junk jewelry which I bragged about in this post the day before the New Year.  I have to say, "It was Bead-A-Rama liberating." 

That was in my Home Studio, and I'm sure there are several other areas that need a pirouette purging.

It's much harder to pirouette purge at my Shop Studio.  You see, much of the clutter there was originally Clutter Danced out of my Home Studio.  It absolutely cannot go back!  So, when it came to rearranging to make space for a new loom and all it's necessary clutter, I did what any trained Pirouette Purger would do....raised The Bar.  That'd be called a ladder plie', and yes, I have one that allows me to reach my 10 ft. ceiling without doing a Swan Lake Dive off the top rung.
The good thing about being a Pirouette Purger...comfortable shoes!


Joanne said...

I'm a no mercy de-clutter person. But all that "stuff" suits some people. I think it makes your shop inviting...lots of treasures to explore.
Have a good weekend

Wendy said...

As I was taking down all my Christmas decor, I set a goal to get rid of ornaments and decorations I no longer use. What happened? I had to go to Walmart to buy MORE bins to hold not only the new stuff that I bought this year but also all the stuff I thought I could get rid of. The thrift store is getting just a bagful. Sigh ~


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