Heads Up on Trending Chocolates

 Have you noticed how 'CHOCOLATE' is 'Trending' lately, and for that matter the word 'Trending'.  I see it all over the Web/Net/Social Media...both...Trending and Chocolate.  Of course I know about the obsession and seasonal push for chocolate. 

It's nearly time for Valentines and as we all know Flowers and Chocolates are number one and two for sweetheart gifts.  WRONG...says the Trending Trend Setters.  According to  match.com's Dating Tips and Advice...Ye Olde Bouquet of Red Roses is OUT because they are predictable and cliché.  Instead, they suggest personalizing a bouquet to match the sweethearts favorite color, flower or name...ie... gift gal Daisy with a bouquet of not one dozen but dozens of daisies. 

A box of chocolates...NO!  "Taking candy from guys you know on Valentine's Day is the only thing more risky than taking candy from strangers", they say.  Further more not all chocolates are created equal.  For instance...out of every box of 15 assorted chocolates, there might be three or so that are favorites, and then there is all the frou-frou wrapping of fake flowers, heart shaped boxes and satin ribbon. 

Their suggestion...If your gal is a 'SNICKERS' kind of chocolate girl, don't you think she would rather have a BAG of those snuggled in a Collectible BASKET of a DOZEN skeins of her favorite colors of YARN rather than a lifetime of random chocolates in a heart shaped box.

I must say, the Trend Setters these days may be on to something!
Dear HiHoney....If you are reading this....I'm a SNICKERS kind of gal!
I know you already know this, and this is just a heads up.
I am down to my last snickers and skein of  Red Heart!

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  1. as a kid, too much chocolate gave me a stomach ache. So at Valentine's, I would get a book or album that I wanted and was very happy. Nowadays I tell my husband all I want is a card - I like cards and I can tell if he picked ahead or did a panic buy (!)
    Have a great weekend


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