FONT Talk...It's About My KIS-S Font-ness

I loved practicing my handwriting from a first graders writing to the fifth grade penmanship. BackInThe Day I had a thing for Fonts...only then we didn't call it Font...it was handwriting. I know it sounds like a dark ages thing, and I guess by todays standards it was. I loved practicing my handwriting from a first graders 'writing' to the fifth grade 'penmanship'.

 And oh how I loved writing in CURSIVE. For me, it was not boring practice...it was...'pleasure'.

My first experience with Font was in Typing I, and even then the word font was not how we referred to the one and only LETTERING on the classroom's manual typewriters...dark ages, I know.

Moving into the period of Font Enlightenment was as an Exec. Secretary with an IBM Selectric sitting on my desk with not just one choice of Fonts, but one dozen...Groovy! 

Still we did not call them Font Balls.  In fact, I had a hard time calling them any kind of balls, and so did IBM.  Finally, I just referred to them by their type name...prestige, script, courier, etc. 

That's all I can remember using which pretty much establishes the beginning of my Font KIS-S ...Keep It Simple-Sue!  As much as I liked some of the typeballs (still hard to type that IBM term) business letters and other correspondence looked junky and unprofessional.

Education was the key to learning about Fonts and how To Use Them and more importantly How NOT To Use Them.  The study of FONTS runs rampant through the curriculum of a Graphic Artist degree.  Still today, you can see the KIS-S stamp on my forehead.  Which brings me to the point of this post...FONTS in Blogging and Writing.

Today's NEW SCHOOL TIPSTERS are practicing my KIS-S Font-ness. 
What a RELIEF....My FONT Forehead Stamp is still VALID.
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  1. I appreciate blogs that are simple to read. I don't understand why some bloggers will use a font and colour that defy proper reading, and I've just given up on reading them - likewise the ones with strange backgrounds, against which the words don't 'pop'.
    Now that was a bit of rant, wasn't it? ........but I truly agree with your KISS font-ness!

  2. They don't even teach cursive writing in most schools anymore. So sad. Today's kids don't know anything about typewriters, either. We own 2 typewriters.


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