Mid-January Yarn-Knitting-Crochet Needs

About this time last year...post Knit/Crochet Christmas Frenzie...if anyone had asked what are you knitting or crocheting, I would have answered NOT ONE THING!  There was more reasons behind that than just the 'OverDoSue' thingy.  One was the warning from my chiropractor...neck and shoulder all knitted knotted up.  Then there was the Yarn-A-Rama UseIt or LoseIt.  I Used It...or Shared It down to a few baskets.  So proud of myself for sticking to my 'Needles' and using what I had on hand...the shelves...the baskets...the bags!
So what's the problem, Sue?  Well, I'm having a 'Need to Knit/Crochet' attack, and my Stash has dwindled down to nearly nothing.  If you believe that, I think George Straight still has some ocean front property in Arizona for sale.  Whatever!  At any rate, I have learned to pay attention to my Inner Yarn Voice when it starts unraveling and getting on my last frayed nerve.
I saved more than I spent.
I'm going to be fine.  I fixed the fraying. 
I SAVED more than I SPENT!
And, I have learned from experience not to OverDoKnitting. 
On top of that I have taken to heart Erma Bombecks quote.
"Learning how to knit was a snap.
It was learning how to stop that nearly destroyed me."
Of course we all know learning how to knit was and is not a snap...
I don't care if she is Erma Bombeck.


  1. Erma Bombeck had the perfect quote for everything. Keep that back relaxed. On sale is good, and you never know when a weeklong ice storm could hit and you need to knit up salvation blankets. There you go - all justified!

    1. It's one of the reasons Erma is my favorite humorist and author. Hoping for an ice storm to start an afghan with my Sale Yarn....actually I already started....finishing my require a late in the spring ice storm...spring of 2020. LOL!!!

  2. I've been noticing yarn sales today and youngest daughter ordered some boot cuffs although I was not aware I was taking knitting orders. Yikes! Of course I have some perfect wool in my stash.
    You should do a post on afghans.
    love love love to you!

    1. Oh yes, the boot cuffs have been really popular this year. I've seen some great patterns on Pinterest. Sounds like you might be in the cuff making business. I have not crocheted an afghan in years...too many quits. I'm looking forward to making one out of this new Bernat yarn. I will have to do a post when I get far enough along. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Good luck, Sue. I have two knitting projects underway. I have to knit, knit, knit while I still have the urge, because it is all too easy to put down the needles for months at a time!

    1. It is the same for me. I keep a project beside my chair. Problem is I don't sit there long enough to make much progress.


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