AdSense Sensibility and Coupon Collecting

Part of my job is helping our customers SAVE money in the process of shopping the STOCKING UP SALE.
As you know from your own Multi-media sources, advertising permeates practically every piece of paper we read, a huge percent of programs we watch...even the 'swipe to open' is App-t to get you on your way to a fuse blowing TechnoAd experience...oh, yeah, cell phones don't have fuses...never mind. 

My OldSchool Selfie can't help but resist some of this, but I am 'Smart Phone' enough to know that it is the way of today, and frankly, I am going to embrace it....to a point.

Like they say, "I might have been born at night, but it wasn't last night".

I will tell you that part of my real JOB is studying the Sales Ad Circulars of our company.  It's important to be able to HELP our customers SAVE money in the process of shopping the STOCKING UP SALE.

How good at my JOB do you think I am?  So good that I talk myself right into STOCKING UP on the SALE STUFF that I still have from the last Stock Up Sale from not one but probably 5 years ago.  OMG...who does that?

Lots of Us!  To justify...we figure that by the time we add the coupons on to the already deep price slashes, it's almost like getting Stuff for FREE.  Seriously, I have SAVED more than I SPENT at the Winter StockUp Sales.  I also point that out to our store shoppers when I hand them their receipt, so they can go home and show their husbands.  Mine is not usually all that impressed, but it doesn't hurt to try the 'Look how much I saved' on their husbands.

It's YARN weather and knitters, crocheters and other Yarnies can not help filling our carts.
This time of the year is YARN wearing weather, and those of us who knit, crochet and do other Yarny crafts and needlework have a hard time NOT filling our shopping cart with one of every color of every one of our favorite brands.  Really...super value BERNAT on sale for that price really does make it nearly FREE....justified! 

As part of my Do Everything in 2015 Plan, I am reinstating the AdSense program on CollectInTexas Gal.  The Ad's will begin to appear on the Sidebar shortly.  Although my primary reason for blogging is not for financial reasons, any extra helps.  Afterall, I need to keep up my Super Sales Savings Clerk image and promote all the Yarn and Fabric we 'StockUppers' can stock up. 
Yikes...I need to work on my sales pitch. 
Anyway, thanks in advance for checking out the Ads on the Sidebar...it's a FREE click for you and a penny or two in my 'StockUp' account.
What do you think...does it make AdSense Sensibility?


  1. Good luck with your Ad Sense addition to your blog. Hope it is financially worthwhile for you. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to do a better job of posting.

  2. I had to spend this money to save - my husband does do an eye roll, but coupons do work. Good luck as you lure people in to buy. Makes sense to me


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