Coveting Thy Neighbors....Brooch

Whenever I run across a piece of Sarah Coventry jewelry, I think about the word 'covet' and how I do...and how I shouldn't, and how I can't help myself.   So I just keep on adding and coveting SC pins to my collection of brooches. 

My most recently found one I showed on last Thursday's Vintage Thingy Thursday post...My Inner Broochable Self.

Today's coveted Sarah Coventry has been in my collection for many years.  It was found in an 'Estate Jewelry Jumble'.  And as is often the case needed some TLC repairs.  Fortunately, in my coveted jewelry repair box there were just the right size pearls and rhinestones. 

Usually when I make repairs, it is with the idea that I will sell the piece at less than the price would be if it were in it's original condition, and make note that it has been repaired.  Not so on this piece.  My 'CovetItness' got the best of me and this piece was deemed priceless!

In my research of my 'Coveted Coventry' I found....
.....Sarah Coventry jewelry was named after the granddaughter of Lyman K. Stuart, the founder of the company. It was established in 1949, and is recognized as the oldest direct selling jewelry company in the world with most of the production done in Rhode Island.

Until 1984, when the company closed it's doors, Sarah Coventry jewelry was purchased at home jewelry parties by fashion directors throughout the country.  The company re-opened years later under new ownership and their line of jewelry is now distributed by sales reps via catalogues, the internet, and home shopping networks...Wikipedia.

A bit more digging unearthed some interesting information that may shed some light on the young woman in this 1940's portrait.  As part of my 'OldPhoto ©Collection' and the upcoming AtoZ Blogging Challenge, she will be a featured Letter.  It hasn't been decided yet which letter, but you should know that it will probably not be about Brooches, but more inline with 'Coveting Thy Neighbors _________'.  I'll let you fill in the blank for now. 

So, Ya'll get ready for a month of...
...coming April 1st.


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Just beautiful! I have a few Sarah Coventry brooches myself, hard to resist them. Visiting from VTT.

Leslie said...

I have one Sarah Conventry piece that was my Mother's. It's a big silver starburst about 3" in diameter. I wear it on my winter coat around the holidays :)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I remember going to Sarah Coventry parties. Now I know why the parties stopped happening.

LV said...

I have had some of her jewelery. I enjoyed the history of it.

Deborah Hamilton said...

That is just beautiful! I would also covet the crocheted collar that it's displayed on.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I remember how surprised I was when I found out S. Coventry was now a collectible.
When I wasn't looking, the old age truck ran slam over me!

Dana said...

Very pretty! By the way, I love your A to Z theme.

Happy weekend!

Ames said...

Hi Sue! I have several brooches myself but not sure what they are. I just pick them up because I like to wear them on my hat. Love this story about Sarah Coventry.~Ames


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