AtoZ Challenge Coming April 1st...No Foolin'

I am In Again...Yep, this will be AtoZ Year Three for me!
At last, my collection of Vintage Photos will come to light as the focus of my AtoZ Challenge Theme....
fiction from forgotten fotos
I say at last because I have been collecting them for ages, and when I can't pawn them off as being my Ancestors, their stories go untold.
If the Truth be known...Old Photos Are Worth A Thousand Words...give or take a few.  In the case of my Old Photo Collection and those thousand or so words, there likely won't be 'A Word of Truth' in them....hence the part about 'fiction'.
Honestly, I am not a good liar...just a creative embellisher on the truth.  Again, if the Truth be known, which some of it will be, I plan to 'Stretch the Truth' from Texas to Timbuktu.  Seriously, some of my 'Old Photo Collection' has the potential for the telling of a 'Big Ole Whopper', but being a SemiTruthSayer, I will temper the truth with believable fiction.  I mean, afterall, I am a Family Historian with a great appreciation for historically accurate facts, figures and folly.
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