Why Genealogy and Old Photos for 2014 AtoZ Challenge

Every person in your Family Tree is Significant in Time for
‘there is no such thing as a life not meant for the person living It.’
~ Louis Simpson ~
This quote by Louis Simpson has been the premise for and my motto in the research for my Ancestors.  For truly, there is a story of some interest to be found and told for every person in one's family tree.  Even those names whose death followed soon after their birth have a story to tell.  Their impending birth often reveals much about the parents and their lives.  The undocumented death of a mother often leads to childbirth when the dates are closely associated.   
My journey into Family History and the Growing of a Family Tree began with my Great Grandmother's Photo Album.  I inherited the 1890's to 1910 album full of unidentified photographs with a few dates, first names and family traits...like tallness, facial characteristics and geological hints.  And so I became a Photo Detective as well as a Grave Digger and Historian.
The Key to my 2014 AtoZ Challenge Theme "fiction from forgotten fotos", is my collection of vintage photos.  Some from Great Grandmother's Album, many from finds in antique shops where permission is granted to photograph them in time appropriate setups, and others I purchase to use as representatives of my ancestors and the times in which they lived. 

For the month of April, the photos are used as inspiration for historically based events, people, places and things.  Along with the Photo Prompt, a Genealogy Prompt from the Index of the Second Edition of How To Do Everything Genealogy gives the 'AlphaLetter of the Day' another point of Genealogical interest.

For example...in the photo above, 'Books' seem to be an important prop and background.  Perhaps she is a librarian.  Let's check out the letter 'L' in the index.  As expected there are multiple listings for 'libraries'.  I think she looks like she could efficiently run the Library of Congresses State and Provincial Records Dept.  Then again her manner of dress and the brooch she is wearing also interests me for a 'fiction from forgotten fotos' story.   What would be your 'focus on fiction prompt'?

Five more days until the Letter A's 'OldPhoto Prompt' and Fictional Story.  I hope you will come back for the story of  'April and Alfred's Brush with Disaster' based on a historical event from the early 1900's.

If you are interested in signing up as a participant in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge, HERE is the 'SignUp' page...and HERE is the 'Home Page' where you will find out about the Details, Helpful Tips, and the Badges for your sidebar.  Check out mine on the right sidebar.
This is my third year as a participant in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge.
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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue - these are going to be fascinating .. I'm looking forward to reading ..

They'll be an excellent background basis of work for you and future ideas ..

Cheers Hilary

Wendy said...

I've written 5 so far so that I can stay ahead. I'm looking forward to your stories although honestly I get confused when they sound so TRUE -- always have to remind myself, OK this part of Sue's life is fiction. Why do you have to be so darn good at this???? I don't think I could make up a good story about any of my folks.


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