MODA's Second Day of Christmas

Here I am...AGAIN...'Cutting My Chances at WINNING' by telling YA'LL about
MODA's Twelve Days of Christmas GiveAway!!!
But OMGosh, Ya'll, todays GiveAway is just too Groovy, Neat, Cool, Amazing, Awesome not to share with my
FAVORITE Folks...that'd be Ya'll.
(Did you notice the Time Travel Slang...I've been a 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and now 00's User)
Sew, Here's the LINK to MODA's Blog and a chance to WIN
The Charming Quilting Jewelry
All you gotta do is leave a comment and be a Follower.
Here's mine....
Dear MODA Santa...It's me AGAIN, yes, I was here yesterday, and will be here EVERY day for the MODA Twelve Days of Christmas. You might remember me from long years ago. I was the girl who asked for a Sewing Machine for Christmas back in 1964.

I hope I remembered to send you a Thank-You card. I sewed on that TwoTon Kenmore for over thirty years, and it is now retired and enjoying a special place in my Quilting Bedroom/Collection. As you were coming down the chimney with TwoTonTillie that year, I bet you were thinking..."Sure wished Sue had asked for a FEATHERWeight". LOL, Santa!

Anyway, I'd LOVE to have the Sewing Charm Collection in my stocking this year. Just think what a lighter load it would be...unless you'd like to bring me another Sewing Machine. A Featherweight would be great!

Thanks, Santa
CollectInTexas Gal Sue
PS...I'm feelin' really positive about Today's GiveAway!  Yep, those Charms are as good as mine...my Horoscope said so!  Is that not GroovyNeatCoolAmazingAwesome?


  1. Does HiHoney know about this? Another sewing machine for Sue? You're so funny! I hope you win!

  2. PomPom...I think he might know...he read my Horoscope this morning! LOL!!!

  3. I went to watchus.com to look at the charms, did you see the Sue Bonnet Sue charms?

  4. Missy....Yes, I did. Love them...gotta have one or two or three. If I don't WIN one, I'll have to put a bug in My Santa's ear...think I'll bug him for the whole collection. Whatya think?

  5. Darling jewelry!

    Come celebrate December with my Countdown to Kitschmas


  6. I sent my husband the link to it! Just in case!

  7. Anonymous12/03/2012

    Loved the Time Travel slang! lol I've been checking the Moda site carefully every day. Man, Santa really need to show me some love for a change! :)

  8. Thimbleroom...I know!!! What are we doing wrong? Could it be that there are a kabillion other quilters out there carefully checking MODA's site, too? Come On Santa...show us some Groovy Quiltin' Love!


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