MODA's Fifth Day of Christmas GiveAway

It's not Five Gold Rings...but very close and even better!
My Goodness, a Klasse' Gift Set...what a wonderful GiveAway!
Are you familiar with Klasse' Scissors?
They speak Italian!
Mine speak Italian with a Texas accent!
Even though I have a pair of the Embroidery Scissors like the ones in today's GiveAway,
I don't have the Thimble or the Victorian Style Tape Measure.
But as I explained in my Entry Comment, I have a very good reason for wanting to
Win the Fifth Day of Christmas GiveAway!
Dear MODA Santa,
I have a Vintage Sewing Machine much like the one shown with this Victorian Scissor Set. How special it would be to have the Klasse' Gift Set to display and use with the Old Singer. Both will someday be passed along to my Granddaughter so she can sit and sew and think of her 'Quilting Nana' and 'Quilting Sisters' from years ago.
CollectInTexas Gal Sue
Here's the Link to Enter


  1. I have a redeye 66 (or redhead) also, except mine has been converted to a hand crank sewing machine.

  2. Missy...this Old Gal is a Treadle that needs lots of TLC to run again. I think I've seen yours on one of your posts...neat that it is a crank.

  3. I have my great-grandmother's Red Eye Singer too. I hope you win the scissors.

  4. Thanks Wendy...I hope I WIN, too. So great that you have a Family Heirloom in your Great-Grandmothers Red Eye Singer. I'd love to know the early owner of mine. I hope she knows it's in a good home and appreciated. I hope to one day get it back in working condition.

  5. I bought a Singer Redeye, like yours, but, I only got the head, they kept the treadle base. I converted the head into a hand crank. I just made blocks for a block exchange using people powered machines. I love your owl scissor bling.


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