Uncle MD and Aunt VI

A to Z Family Tree...Letters U and V

Uncle MD and Aunt Vera Irene were my Dad's brother and sister.  Both older siblings and both had a special place in our Family Tree. 

If ever there was a favorite Uncle, MD was well loved by all his nieces and nephews.  He was funny.  He made us all laugh from the time we were children to grown adults with our own children...who thought he was funny, too! 

His name was MD.  He liked to tell the story of how the Army insisted he could not have initials as a name.  The letters M and D had to stand for something.  So, he let them decide what it should be, but always stood by his birth certificate.  He was named after his mothers brother Merritt Douglas Carroll and no one ever questioned that just the initials of his namesake was recorded on his birth certificate....except the US Army.

Through out their lives MD and Willard, my Dad, stayed close as brothers.  They stayed close to their Pittman Family Pioneer Roots in Ward County raising their families within fifty miles of where they were born and raised.
MD was the fifth child of Chappo and Stella Carroll Pittman and Vera Irene was the first.

Vera Irene Pittman Sinks 1917-2000
Beatrice Ruth Pittman Sanders 1918-2000
Chapel Bennett Pittman 1920-1981
Maudie Mae Pittman 1922-1998
MD Pittman 1924-2011
Willard Carroll Pittman 1927-1988 

Above...Vera Irene and MD
Right...Ruth Beatrice and Vera Irene
MD..between his sisters
Chappel Bennett..center back
Willard Carroll

Pictured here in the mid 1980's at Pittman Place in Grandfalls, Texas where they were born and raised...Ruth Beatrice, Vera Irene, MD and Willard.  Vera Irene spent most of her life in California, but came back to her roots in Ward County for several years.  It was at this time that she shared  her 'Collection of Pittman-Carroll-Marley-Leatherwood Family History' with me.  
I am honored to carry on as The Pittman Family Tree Historian. 
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  1. They seem like the kind of family everybody would like to have.

  2. Nice post. Good luck on the alphabet challenge!


  3. Just wanted to say I really enjoy your stories about your family.
    My Grandpa Was JW (initals only) Everyone called him Dub.

  4. Very neat post, I thinks it's pretty funny the military would not accept MD. Great pictures of them all. They look like they were all so close. I just found out through a census that a great-uncle I knew as Mac was actually Melvin. Thanks for stopping by, I'm gathering info daily.

  5. How I love the old family photos and the stories and memories.

  6. Hi Sue

    I really admire all that you are accomplishing. It's wonderful. I'm trying to do the same but it's a lot harder - no one really kept that great of records on my Mums side. My Uncle passed away on Sunday and it makes me even more determined to gain as much knowledge as I can from family members.



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