Garden Thyme or NOT

By this Thyme last year the Petunies were planted, the Tomatoes were caged, the Green Onions were garnish and it was indeed a 'Grand Garden Thyme'.  Did I mention it was this same time...that'd be APRIL!  Yep, I ignored the 'Texas Mother Natures Garden Almanac' and started early.  I had to!  The Burpee Plant People were waving me into their isle after isle of Burpee Bedding Plants and guaranteed to 'MakeYa Burp Peppers' and more.  I got lots of the more!
Nice huh?
Then came the Withering Wrath of June....
the Heat from Hades....
the Water Deptment Woes and The City's Summons...

Shut Down the Sprinklers...Water Restrictions Enforced!
Whaaaaaa!!!! End of Garden...Green Grass Goes Grungy!

Texas Mother Natures Sign for Sue's Gardening in 2012...
....Got It...HEB Gardening for ME!!!!
At least I have Roses!


  1. Still on the fence here, but I think I'm cutting way back this year myself. We'll see:@)

  2. I'm with you... "not!"
    After my 1st time attempt at a garden last year and all the woes of heat and limited watering allowed, I will not be putting in a garden this year. I'll be in line with you at HEB. :)

  3. Checking in from the A to Z. I see the banner but no posts. Just wondering if you are participating.

  4. With snow on Tuesday and 75 degrees today we never know until May if we can start planting garden!Colorado weather can change faster than a snap of the finger! Your garden looks lovely!


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