Face the Sunshine...It's What Sunflowers do.

When I returned home from Nurturing My Special Family Birdies...
I found that Lovey, Dovey and Birdie Friends had generously shared their
Sunflower Seeds with Mother Earth.

The Birds Seed Scattering, Mother Earth and Our Father's Rain and Shine have Blessed Us!

Here it is Summer Time and I'm checking in to Wish All of You
a Happy Beginning to Summer!

"Keep your face to the Sunshine
and you cannot see the Shadow.
It's what Sunflowers Do."
Helen Keller


  1. Great pics Sue, LOVE the second one! How fun that the birds dropped them and they grew, just the opposite of my planting them and the birds eating the seeds:@)

  2. Hi Sue! Glad to hear from you. Hope all is well. Those are beautiful pics that you have taken. Hugs!~Ames

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that quote, Sue, and LOVE your beautiful photos! We see a few sunflowers around here, but not many. If we went for a little country drive, then maybe we'd see some more probably. They really are beautiful, and the heights they reach, often taller than ME, always fascinate me! Good to hear from you!! ~tina

  4. Is facin' the sunshine anything like facin' the music???

  5. I do love sunflowers. I need to plant some since my birdies seem to eat all their sunflower seeds! Beautiful photos.

  6. You're so far ahead of us! We won't have sunflowers until July. Yours are gorgeous, Sue!

  7. I haven't seen a sunflower in a long time. Even if the birds visited the sunflowers are still great shots.

  8. Hello,

    These are great shots you took. Love them!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  9. Sue, these are amazing photos. Wow! So happy you shared them with us.
    Sending hugs ~ Sarah

  10. Dear Sue, thank you for sharing such beauteous pictures, I also love sunflowers, they are so cheerful and make life good!

    Have a great week!


  11. Hi Sue, Surprise!!! We left for Maine pulling our fifth wheel over two weeks ago. I have been posting but not visiting much. Today we are not sightseeing for a change and I am catching up with my sweet blogging friends. We are near Acadia National Park and we will be here a month. It is beautiful here.

    I love your sunflowers Sue. Your photos always knock my socks off. Love this post.
    I hope things are going well for you Sue. I know you have been busy with family needs. I truly miss you.
    Take care,

  12. Sunflowers make me smile! But coming over here always makes me smile too! Enjoy the beauty of those flowers! Anne

  13. I love sunflowers...


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