Desperately Seeking Pink

Hey Beverly!!!!! I Got Your Message!!!! 
Howdy PINKIES!!!! I have MISSED Ya'll!!!!!

You know you are DESPERATE for Something Pink to Show for Pink Saturday
when you are taking photos of your BackPack and Phone! 
But Hey Ya'll....it's where I am,
and Ya'll know this Texas Gal's gotta have something PINK 
at all times....wherever I roam....whenever I can....whatever forever PINK!!!
So, are Ya'll wondering Wherever In The World Am I?
Sometimes I wonder that too!!!
Seriously, I'm in HotterNJalepenos West Texas!!!
Where the Sand is Scorching!
Where my Pink FlipFlops melt into the Asphalt!!!
Where Texans say there are Four Seasons...
Almost Summer
Still Summer
And Christmas!!!!
Where you know that the true value of a parking space is not determined by the distance to the door,
but by the availability of shade.
Where sometimes you have  to switch from 'A/C' to 'Heat' in the same day.
Where you describe the first cool snap (below 70 degrees) as "good chili weather."

And, where there are the most Beautiful Pink Sunrises to remind you that Texas is a place....
Where you can measure distance in minutes.
Where some folks plan their weddings, birthings and major events around Football Schedules.
Where you aren't surprised to find movie rentals, ammunition and bait all in the same store.
Where stores don't have bags, they have sacks.
Yep, this is Where I Am for Pink Saturday, June 11, 2011.

As Always...Thanks Beverly
Making Saturdays Pink!!!!


  1. Love your post! I'm back too - been gone a few weeks. I used to live in Texas and in S. Mississippi so I know exactly what your saying! I got quite a chuckle. I could write one about the opposite about living in Mich. now. Except the one about change from cool to heat in the same day. We went from 95 to 55 in about 2 days! Arghhh! Happy Pink Sat.


  2. Beautiful post! Such a lovey space you got here!
    Calling from Pink Sat...hope to see you on my blog:)
    Happy weekend!

  3. Love your pink phone and of course the Texas sunset!

  4. Fun! I love your Texas words, Sue! Happy Pink!

  5. Great post.
    Happy Pink Saturday.!


  6. Great Pink Pictures!!
    I must be adjustin' to the hotternjalepenos heat 'cuz the other morning when it was 75 degrees I actually thought it was cool?!

  7. As I read your post, I realized that I could easily be a Texan. "Sacks" and such from my Southern roots and "hot" searching for shade from my adopted home of Arizona. I loved your post. I too have been missing from blogland lately. Life seems to happen!

  8. I miss you Texas friend! This is a sweet post and your words are hilarious! I love it! We are due for a bout of bad weather so they say! But 80 degree heat is too hot for me! HPS and enjoy the weekend! Hugs Anne

  9. Howdy Texas Gal...this is my third attempt to comment...something's not right with the laptop...but great post...at least your sense of humor has not melted away.


  10. You have me smiling as usual, Sue. Hope all is going well. I think of you. ~ Sarah

  11. thanks for the pink smile!

  12. great post sue....so true...

  13. "Ain't it the Truth!" - A phrase sometimes used in Texas for agreement or emphasis even though we know it isn't correct English.

    Happy Pink Saturday,
    Honey - Also in HotterNJalopenas

  14. I've missed you girl friend! And I love this post and all the pics and your obvious love for Texas. You are a romantic at heart. Hope all is well you and yours. Love ya! Mean it!~Ames

  15. I loved that little lesson in Texan!
    Nice to see you pop up in my 'favorites' list again!

  16. Oh, this is too hilarious b/c I, too, wrote a posting about firing up the summer ipod play list and how has been proven to make people happy and I took a picture of my pink ipod for Pink Saturday! We are on the same wavelength!

  17. You have to be a Texan to understand and appreciate you post. Sounded like you were talking about Fort Worth.

  18. Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet Sue. I am so happy to see you here today.♥

    We are having scorching weather here, too - and no rain. Ugh! My beautiful grass is turning brown. We were out this morning, and we found a parking place in the shade.

    I'm loving all of your pinks, and you made me thing I need some pink flip-flops.


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