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My Bloggin' Friends Are AWESOME!!!!!

Here it is another 'HotterNJalepenos' day in West Texas!!!
Yep, today, I'm Desperately Seeking Shade!!!
My Pink FlipFlops are Asphalt Goo!!!
And I've DuctTaped the AC Switch on HIGH...
....no chance of hittin' the Heat Switch!!!

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  1. My Mom says she has not had rain in 3 months in Houston. It is hot here but we are getting a few showers here and there. Hang in there and don't take the tape off the A/C (that cracked me up) hugs, Linda

  2. You are something else. I have never had a thank you in this fashion. Wish I knew how to do some of the neat things others do. I know all about Texas heat. It is no different in Fort Worth.

  3. What a thoughtful post, Sue. I know what you mean about the heat. Don't know how we are going to get through this summer. It's only June and it feels like it is August. Just trying to keep things alive. Wish we would get some much needed rain! ~ sarah

  4. June, July and August are the worst months for us too. I think we need a good tropical storm...or two. I'm looking at the pond behind my house and the water level is down a good two feet. Even the turtles are thirsty. Thank goodness for A/C...although my bill is making it's annual climb. Stay cool!~Ames

  5. Hotter-N-Jalapenos Day, I love the way that sounds! Not so much the way it feels:@)

  6. Big sympathy to you for that heat. It's still cool here, but warm enough to be out in shirt sleeves. I've been planting and transplanting all day - just in for a breather and a cool drink and then out I go again. I have high hopes for getting most everything done today. Stay cool!

  7. Stay cool. Summer isn't official for another week! Hopefully it will cool down soon.

  8. Hi Sue, what a sweet post..It's getting HOT here in the Palm Springs, CA area..Its all desert here in the southwest, isn't it. Ac is not running 24/7 yet, has been a mild spring, but soon will be on nonstop until mid October..

    Stay cool!!! So will I!!


  9. Try to stay cool (sit in front of the fan all day!) I might need to borrow your duct tape 'cuz I can't find mine, lol. I'll be inside all week while it is still Hotternjalepeno outside!! I just don't have the sand to burn my feet.

  10. It feels like August here, too. Our grass is looking scorched. We are trying to keep our plants watered and alive, but it isn't easy.

  11. Love your kind heart! You are one amazing photographer! I love visiting you! Hugs Anne


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