Birdie and Blog Watchin'...

It is Garden Thyme....again! 
 When last you saw my 'Backyard Garden' it was maybe 'Kneehigh to a Grasshopper'!
Isn't that a funny saying?  Wonder where that came from!  I bet  Google would know!  Maybe later!
Right now, here's the 'What's and How's' about the Backyard Garden...

It's so wonderful to walk out and harvest tomatoes and onions right out of the Garden for a Fresh Salad.

Here's the last photos of Rosie and Cardie Feeding Minnie and Miney
 that I took before having to leave home for several weeks.

When I returned the nest was empty except for EggMo!

I have a Birdhouse Full of Special Family Members that need my Nesting Nurturing!
So, in the weeks to come.....

...I'll be Birdie and Blog Watchin'!
Ya'll be Watchin' for me, too!


  1. We "gobble up" birds around here too - - - - ooops, no we don't eat them.

    I am LOVING that barbed wire Texas. Love love LOVE it.

  2. We have a family of Hawks and we have had the best time watching them....of course keeping the cat inside! I think the demise of our cat Emily when we first moved in here was the Hawk. Loving your garden!

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  4. Have a great time in your own private Eden down there!

  5. Sorry about that. Too many typos in the previous post.
    So, is eggmo dead? Have they abandoned it?

    Your tomatoes and onions look great! Mine have blossom rot and I think they are getting too much sun. I'll be buying some dark screen to lessen the intensity.

  6. Sweet post. Love your garden vegetables, our tomatoes won't be ready until August. Your birds are just growin up!! Come on over, I'm havin a give-away.

  7. Your veggies look great and here I am celebrating only my first buds! Won't be till August for tomatoes here. Guess Eggmo will get vacated by the next family:@)

  8. I love your backyard garden! I'm sitting at my patio table. I can see my garden and my tomatoes are tiny green things. My onions are about a hair wide. Can't wait until I can make salsa with all of my garden ingredients!!

  9. That is one thing I miss about my old country life, fresh veggies. We always had a garden and I loved gather things. They are just better knowing you raised them yourself.

  10. I have a couple of tomatoes starting to turn red...can't wait...

  11. Too much rain for any growing in Colorado! except for the weeds! The gardenis lovely. Enjoy the weekend. Anne

  12. I've missed you.♥♥♥ I hope you will be able to party and pink with us next Saturday.

  13. Hi Sue!
    Your garden = yum!
    I love the birdies and I love you!

  14. Hello,

    Oh, I miss my garden...Love this post and the cardinals feeding their babies. So cute!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  15. Your garden is lovely. And your bird photos really are wonderful.. I love the pictures of the cardinals feeding their babies.

  16. Sue, it's good to see a post from you. Enjoy those special times in your garden. Before long it might be too hot to be outside. LOL
    ~ Sarah

  17. I have no vegetables yet, well I guess I could dig up some onions. I got things in late. My friend who has an organic garden gave me a bunch of heirloom vegetables. If you go to my blog I have a link to her blog Thyme Sqare Gardens, she has an interesting blog. If you see my sister tell her I said Hi :)

  18. Oh, I'm so ready for some homegrown tomatoes... Soon they'll be ripe here - I hope! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Happy Memorial Day

  19. I'm missing you so much at our Pink Birthday Celebration. Pink Saturday just isn't the same without our Sweet Sue.♥♥♥


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