Rosie and Cardie Cardinal Are 'Singin' In The Rain'...RockABye Babies!!

The Proud Parents

Minnie and Miney have Hatched...Mo's still thinkin' about it!

Well done, Honey!

Woke up this morning to a Pouring Rain!!!!
That's a Celebration in it's self as we have NOT had ANY Rain in MONTHS!
My first thought was of Rosie.  She's been  sitting on her nest continuously.
According to my Google Cardinal Birthin' Manual it should be anytime!
OMGosh!!!!  She's peckin' the eggs and eating the shell!
I had to wait for her to leave the nest to go outside and check the nest!
There they were....Minnie and Miney and EggMo!
I returned to my Perch on the Dresser and SetUp for Family Photos!

What an Amazing Sight to Behold.
I'm in awe of Rosie and Cardie as Parents.
I think you will be, too!

Here is Cardie's First Time Feeding!
(turn up your volume...chirping)

Rosie's Feeding and Nesting Routine


  1. Oh, Sue! It's wonderful. I'm going to send my mom the link because she will love seeing your cardi family! You are so good with that camera!

  2. conniemarie@gmail.com5/03/2011

    ahhhhhhh...how sweet! Love birds with their babies. I Love this, Sue. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I couldn't get the sound on the first video to come across but the second one worked.

    Isn't that neat Sue. You get to watch them grow up and fly to nest. Right now they look sort of ugly. Let us know if eggMo hatches. ~Ames

  4. Amazing! I love watching birds and these are amazing videos!

  5. I love birds, when anyone ask me if I have any pets. I say the birds in my back yard, I can watch them when ever I want or leave for a few days. Works for me.
    I see you are from San Angelo, I was raised there and I go back every summer for a week to visit my sister Christine, who you may know because she does crazy quilting and genealogy.

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog and becoming a follower. The Christine you spoke of who does tatting is my sister. I know that shop very well.

  7. Anonymous5/06/2011

    What a fabulous post, Sue! Just simply beautiful.

  8. This why you should not stop blogging. I love the babies and the feeding. You are awesome getting this feeding process on your camera. Sue, you are simply the best.
    Happy Mother's Day.
    Love you girl, Jeanne

  9. Sue, this post is so incredible. To catch such a miracle of nature is wonderful. You are certainly talented with your camera. Hope you have a splendid Mothers Day.
    Your Pal from Kansas

  10. awesome....cardinals are my favorites..

  11. Oh this was amazing. I love birds because they are such unique creatures. They certainly have a system to care for the family don't they? Your photos and video were wonderful. Thank you Anne


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