Droppin' Names on Pink Saturday

It's the last Saturday in April and my last chance for this month to Post for Pink Saturday!
So, I thought by being a 'Name Dropper'....ie VERA...all the Pinkies on the Pinky Linky would
Click on over to see my Pink Rose Signed Vera Scarf.

Looks like it worked!!! You are here!!! Thanks for coming!!!
The Vera Scarf was BAIT!!!!

Yep, it's a trick I learned from Beverly at How Sweet The Sound!!!
Dangle a 'Pretty Pink Thingie' in front of Pink Lovin' Gals
and they are Hooked on Pink Saturday forever.

What I really got Ya'll here for is Behind the Scarf....on the other side of the Window!!!

It's Rosie and Cardie's RoseBush Birthin'Nest!

Rosie has been spending most of her days and nights sitting on the Three eggs. 

It's nice to receive Pink Roses on Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday!


  1. Gotta love Vera. All pretty linens here. Happy PS!

  2. What a beautiful scarf!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  3. Love Love Love that Vera scarf! I like roses when I'm birthin babies also.

  4. The scarf is lovely, but I'm in awe of your photos of the birds & their nests. Now I'm kind of confused after reading a couple of past posts. Are their 2 nests -- one in a red rose bush & one in a pink rose bush? You must have a super cool camera to get those wonderful shots. Love it! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Love the Vera scraf. Vera was a busy woman in her heyday signing all those goodies.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  6. Beautiful scarf but more importantly beautiful picture of the nest. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. What a sweet post. The scarf is very pretty but I love your Rosie bird in her nest. Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Beautiful scarf and Rosie is such a sweetie.

  9. Hi Sue,
    You are so right about pink. It'll get us here everytime!!! Pretty scarf, love the pink shade.

    Also, what a sweet bird's nest. Great photos.


  10. We're just like the birds... dangle something pretty/shiny in front of us and you have our attention! I think all of us girls deserve pretty roses for Pink Saturday:@)

  11. Loved your Texas way of making a surprise pink presentation. The scarf is very pretty, but love the birds.

  12. Adorable post and ooo..la..la scarf HPS!

  13. don't you love female cardinals...great post...

  14. Great update on Rosie! Wonderful pics -- and sweet pics of the Vera "dangle" too! Have a great week, Sue!

  15. Happy Pink Saturday, Sue.

    Thanks for the tempting tease. I can hardly wait for those eggs to hatch.


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