Garage Makeover...New Loom Room

Over the years the garage has been a parking space for about everything except a vehicle.  It has also been a source of contention as a trap/catchall for overflow from one Studio or the other.  Both of the people in our household can take just so much of a chaotic overflow before a major cleanout becomes necessary.  That cleanout happened last month....just in time for another makeover.
Due to the...hopefully...temporary closing of Sue's Fiber Arts Studio at the Chicken Farm Art Center, any weaving done on Sparrow was going to be done at home.  It will work out for the best as Sparrow and all her weaving supplies and tools took up valuable display space at Studio #10.  A big regret will be not being able to demonstrate weaving to visitors who come to the Chicken Farm.
I don't know how long the 'Work From Home' will last or if a 'Shelter In Place' will become mandatory or if Sue's Fiber Arts Studio #10 at The Chicken Farm Art Center will get to re-open, but at least 'The Sparrow' has landed in her New Loom Room. 
And she has two New Spring Aprons!
(take up fabric on roller)


  1. Sue you have been on my heart. I keep wanting to stop by and then life gets in the way. I have thought about you since the passing of Suzanne's husband Steve in January. I think of both of you everyday remembering all the beautiful hard work you both put into the memory quilt for Shannon's family some years ago.I am just looking back on some wonderful memories during these difficult days. I hope this will be not be long term and I pray people will heal. wishing you all the best with your business, I Know how you treasure this. Stay healthy and Happy. HUGS across the miles - Anne

  2. You are lucky to have such large garages in your area. Also that it's warm there. Our garages are really narrow, and don't have the extra space in front of the cars. It's also still pretty cold here. When hubby does woodworking, he has to dress really warm, and can't do much in the winter months at all.


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