Ending March In Baby Pink...Blue-Green-Yellow-Purple

Baby Blankets have been made on my sewing machine, embroidery machine, quilting machine, knitting machine and crochet needles.  They have been made with quilting cottons, flannel, fleece and stitched with quilting threads, embroidery threads and embellished with buttons, beads and more.

The recipients include my grandchildren, nieces, nephews, charity groups and the babies of those who have purchased them in my shop.

So, as you might imagine, I have quite a collection of all things 'Baby' including a Baby Pattern Binder.  The baby shown in the photo is from one of my collected publications Patons Baby Choice...Paton's Wikipedia history.

Patons was founded in England in the early 1800's and produced yarns for commercial knitting machines.  Through a merge in 1920 they diversified to producing wool for home knitters and publishing knitting pattern booklets.

My Baby Choice booklet has it's original price sticker from Stedmans...a Canadian variety discount department store.  Published in 1981...Stedmans sticker price $4.25...on Amazon in 2020 $6.99 to $9.95.  Needless to say "You've Come A Long Way Baby" from England to Canada to Texas.

And from Knitting Needles to Ridgid Heddles 
I used Paton's crocheted blanket pattern 5 as a reference for my woven blanket.   My Ridgid Heddle Loom is limited in width, so I will use the Baby Choice pattern 5's crocheted border to size the blanket to fit a crib.
For next generation of babies from their Great Grandmother and Great Aunt.

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