2020 AtoZ Theme Reveal

April...they say...brings April Showers which in turn bring May flowers. 
 April...it is known world wide...also brings The AtoZ Challenge.
With a wide range of categories, the Challenge brings bloggers from authors to zylophonics to participate in the month long event.  
I've been participating since 2012, so you can imagine I've pretty much run the gambit of topics from stuff I know a lot about to stuff I think I know a little about and make up the rest.  One constant in all the topics/themes I've done over the years is 'Photos'. 
 So, once again they will play a part in my theme...
Join the Challenge...HERE


  1. Welcome to your ninth year of the challenge. That's impressive! Weekends In Maine

  2. Well done Sue - not sure if I'll do it - suspect I will ...

    Cheers Hilary

  3. I have to search for the theme. Is it "photos" I hope so. I think I am right. Can come and view them in April.

    Trying to document IE practice in Top Global Engineering Companies. #AtoZChallenge April Writing
    Industrial Engineering Practice in Top Global Manufacturing Companies - Top 100

  4. 9th A2Z? You must have had an amazing experience. Good luck for this year. I would surely visit your blog.
    Do check out if my theme interests you: http://www.rightpurchasing.com/a2zchallenge/

  5. What initially drew my eye was Texas Gal! Was born and raised in Texas, though I'm curious to see a different perspective. Your banner drew my attention as well. Enjoy the challenge!


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