Monday Midnight Making It...Speedy Yarn Crawl

 Not quite 'Midnight', but it felt like it by the time I got home from a 'Monday Meet Up' with a 'Yarn/Makin'It4Her' customer.  With Monday as my 'Day Off' from the shop, I don't often go there except by appointment.  It was a late appointment that ran overtime, but with more yarn sales and more 'Makin'It4Her' projects.  That's what happens when the first batch of 'Made4Her' pieces are so loved she wants one in every color available.
Thank goodness for sticky notes and a little time before bedtime to get started while fresh on my mind.  That sounds like a good line for a country song....right?  At any rate, there were sticky notes pinned on every skein of a locally raised Alpaca yarn.  That's right, raised right here in San Angelo, Texas and milled elsewhere. 
I've expanded my Yarn Inventory to include not only the Mill Skeins of Alpaca, but also Roving ready to spin.  Oh my, but this natural fiber is a dream to spin, easy to knit and crochet, and it's selling.  It was not my intent to take on the 'Makin'It' for customers, but when it helps make the sell, it's a win-win deal....as long as it can be crocheted...that makes it a Speedy Yarn Crawl.


  1. Have fun crocheting all the new items for your customer.

  2. Such beautiful yarns, Sue. It's nice to know that Alpaca yarns are raised in San Angelo. A friend of mine loves to crochet and she talks a lot about how she chooses yarns. The easy it is to spin the best it will sell, I think she will love your yarns.

  3. It is nice to hear about your yarn skills and inventory. I wish I should check out your collections directly. The pictures of yarn are attractive.. I also work as a lyricist and was researching about yarn.


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