Making It Monday~Scraps and Leftovers

      Scrap baskets line shelves, stack under tables, and are a source of frustration and inspiration.  On days of frustration...I look at the stacks and shelves as unorganized clutter and a never ending waste of time that I should 'Let Go'.  On days of inspiration...I'm so glad my 'Let It Go' days passed and look at the shelves and stacks as a treasure trove of creative and relaxing stitching.
     That's what I did for a few hours yesterday.  I think I'll do more today while I'm inspired to use up fabric strips, rick rack, misc. trim and ribbon.  Do you think I'll make much of a dent in the shelves and stacks?
It may not be quite right to call my collection of vintage linens, crocheted doilies, beads and buttons as 'Leftovers', but in some ways it fits.  After all, they are left over from another era and previous projects.
     They also fall into the sources of 'frustration and inspiration'.  Again, they line shelves, fill bags and boxes and take up space while waiting for an 'Inspiration Day'.  That occurred for a few days last month.
     My work table was a clutter of hoops, frames, doilies, beads, fabrics, threads, needles and notions.  From that clutter came several pieces of old to renewed vintage works for Valentines Day.
     With Valentines Day falling on Friday this year, these Vintage Valentines may be there for awhile as February Saturdays are bigger traffic days.   That's okay with me...I'll get to enjoy them longer.
   Happy Vintage Valentines Day!!!

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  1. You have to hang on to it all because you DO work with it, right? You can sort through it and purge another year.


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