Scaling Up with Fiber and Fiber-gibberish!

How is it that as soon as I say one thing I do just the opposite?  How is it that as soon as I think I should downsize and/or get out all together I do just the opposite?

Answer...It's how I roll!  It's how I get my juices to flow!  It's what happens when business gets slow! 

And...it's good for my heart and soul! 

So instead of scaling down...I scaled up with Fiber by the Pound with Rag Rug Strips for SALE and Fiber by the Ounce with Wool.

It really is how I roll...I never give it up.  First of all because it's what I love to do and secondly, Hi Honey (husband) says, "Once it leaves the house you can't bring it back."

And thirdly, neither one of us likes to pack!  So, I'll keep moving forward and not look back!  Yikes, enough of the rhyme time.

Wool Roving by the Ounce.  So easy for novice and experienced spinners to try combinations of Custom Blended and/or small amounts of spinning fibers before investing in the whole Sheep to Shop.  I now carry for sale both domestic wool roving from a local Spinning Group with a Flock of Sheep and Imported Dyed Roving.  I also offer Custom Blending in the form of Rolags, Roving, and Mini Batts.  Then of course I have for sale what I have spun and processed Art Yarn and Core Spun Fibers.  Sorry, if this is Greek to some of you readers.  I'm so into Fiber-gibberish!

On to Poundage!  Did you know that 1.5 pounds of Fabric Strips is equal to 6 yards and that you can make an 18"x30" Oval Rag Rug?  Oval Rag Rugs are my favorite to make and NOW you can make one too!
Here are some choices in Fabric Strips by the Pound....
....and More....
Okay...enough of my Scaling Up...I better go Blend and Spin!
Thanks for listening to my Fiber-gibberish!



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Joanne said...

hey - too hot to think about anything in TX. I'm sure it's tough for folks to think yarn and wool, when floating in a lake. But you are enterprising and your displays look enticing. Good luck!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Just finish up a crochet rag rug. I once bought fabric for around $3 a gallon zip lock bag. What every you could fit in a gallon zip lock bag that what you paid for it. Great for smaller project like doll clothes and such.
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