Momentous Scraps

Here I go again.  Another scrapbook.  This one has been a long time coming...like 58 years.  Here's how it started.....

Room 8-A Jr. High 1960
Having written my name and location on the inside of the cover of my first scrapbook was probably the most useful piece of information in the whole book.

It survived mostly due to the cover being a heavier weight paper than the rest of the pages which have yellowed and deteriorated.  Scotch tape, Elmers glue and manila paper were not Acid Free.  I don't think Acid Free was invented yet, and if it was it wasn't free. 

Being as it was my first scrapbook and being an 8th grader with little to no momentous scraps of information to paste on the pages about myself, I proceeded to cut and paste pictures and articles from the school newspaper about Upperclassmen.

Here's how it has been preserved, reorganized and updated for a GRHS Reunion in October.
Taking apart that first scrapbook has been kinda hard...mentally...but after 58 years it is falling apart.  No acid free paper or glue back in the day.  So, this effort to save those fragile and yellowed papers will be well worth it.  I've just finished my 7th Grade year, and Wow!...there really wasn't much of any momentous scraps about myself.  However, there was a lot about those cute high school boys!
Go Big Red...Lasso the Lions!


  1. I long ago got rid of a junior high scrapbook. So crusty, yellow, and falling apart silliness. You are a keeper and chronicler of history. Good job

  2. Nice. So, how would you go about saving long-yellowed newspaper? I haven't been by recently so I hope that's recorded in another post. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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