Rounding Up Round RagRugs

Although it has been quite some time...October 2017...since posting about RagRugs, they certainly have not been put on the back burner.  Of all the items I make for my shop, Rag Rugs, Bags and Baskets are perpetual.  By that I mean they are good sellers year round.  However, due to a hand and wrist injury last November working with a 'Q' crochet hook and 1 1/2" fabric strips did shelve rug making for several months.

I've been working on a new design technique that eliminates obvious color changes when working in same color rows.  I'll be sharing pictures later.  So, it is in with the NEW and out with the OLD...which means a Round RagRug SALE! 
Here's my pitch to my Facebook Customers....
Round Rag Rug SALE!!! July's First Saturday Event at The Chicken Farm Art Center. July 7th...OPEN 10 to 5. These 18", 20" and 22" Round Rag Rugs are perfect for a Table Centerpiece or as a bath mat. Made of cotton for easy washing and lay flat to dry care. 
 Come see my NEW OVAL Rag Rug Designs, too!!!



This is so lovely
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Joanne said...

say round ragrug three times fast. Hope all is well in your end of Texas. I'm back from vacation and shall catch up on posts. And I shall be whining now that I'm back in the heat. Whew!

Annesphamily said...

Ph SUe, you are so talented. My auntie Ang use to make these rugs with a friend. Both of them are gone now but what memories and what fun! HUGS


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