Softer Side of Selling Sue's Stuff

Truth be known, there is no softer side in selling one's collected treasures.  It is HARD!  Especially when some of the stuff is sentimental and or things you made.  For instance the quilted pillow shams in the lower left picture.  My sweet three year old granddaughter laid her blonde curly head on them when she came to visit.  She's now 23, the curls have been straightened and are often various shades of ...well...other colors.  No more over night visits as she has her own apartment that reflects her style of pillow shams...not her Nana's softer quilted country style.
Both of these quotes kind of say it all for me, and although letting them go is HARD...
the SOFTER side of me hopes that someone will find my once
Simple Treasures as their Life's Pleasures! 


  1. What a cool looking light shade.

  2. Hey, how did the recent sale go? I love your style and our grands yes have their own. But that makes it fun.

  3. you have the memories, and someone else can make and share new memories with "new" goodies thanks to your sale. Good luck

  4. Hope your sale went well. It's hard to take the sentimental out of the release.

  5. It's so hard to let go! I hope these are finding new homes where they will continue to be treasured. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  6. I hear ya! I am sure your stuff will find the right home. I have bought other people's treasures and I like to think I gave them a good home.

  7. I am trying to downsize but yesterday the hubby said maybe you could sell some of your dolls! Argh.......that is my collection how rude! Of course, I love my tea pots and such too. Oh one day I will downsize. Right now getting the cardboard boxes out of my life and my shed and my garage are number one for me. Then the stuff will get sorted but I am not sure if I could part with many of my dolls. "-(


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