My National Sewing Month...Not Sewn Stitching

September and National Sewing Month is more than half over and I have not touched my SEWING MACHINE...not once!   I have, however, made good use of one of my SEWING BOXES and the contents including needles, thread, thread heaven, clips and scissors.

Does that count?

It should, in my way of thinking.  After all, yarn is thread and stitching seams with a blunt tapestry needle is sewing.  Right?  Then there are the clips I always use instead of pins.  Yeah, it counts as sewing.

Since I made a big deal out of September being National Sewing Month with a Sewing Header and the National Sewing Month Tag and Link on the top of my Side Bar, I thought I'd better write at least one post in acknowledgement. 

So, what have I been Not Sewing that counts as Sewing? 
What can I say...at least all this Not-Sewing was Not Sewn in my Sewing Room!
Wait...the buttons and beads were hand sewn with sharp needles and skinny thread!
Yay...It All Counts...and...adds up for Handmade items for
October's First Saturday Chicken Farm Art Center's BOOTH!


  1. Hi Sue, I chuckled when I saw your post. My friend Linda (Prairie Flower Farm) posted at her blog, which she has not done for a long while due to personal phamily stuff. She also said she was going to do some sewing. LOL! I guess the cooler weather is perfect for it because everyone I know who sews is gearing up since their creative juices are flowing! Good to see you here. Take care and enjoy your week. xo

  2. Betty Sue has been stitching away this month. I made one purse, and have started on another 2 purses, and, have at least 2 more cut out (might get started on them at the vintage machine demo this weekend).


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